St Brandon: Cruise to Paradise.

Escape from civilization and modernity on board of a catamaran.
Snorkel or dive with rays, turtles & Sharks guaranteed.
Observation of turtle nesting.
Fly fishing or casting for bone fish, permit & king fish it’s a known paradise
Fishing lobsters for your own meals.
Bird watching
Pristine beaches surrounding by pure turquoise and a lively lagoon.
St Brandon is a real paradise on earth which promises you a lifetime experience!

The Cargados Carajos Shoals (referred to as Saint Brandon), is a large atoll located 395 km northeast from Mauritius and is only accessible by boat.
St Brandon is a real heaven on earth, only one island has a population of 20 fishermen (Raphael Island); there is no connection, no electricity, a real break away from civilization.
St Brandon has a pure and preserved ecosystem with its magnificent lagoon.

The islets of St Brandon are regionally important for their seabird populations, Green Turtle nesting sites and a sanctuary for sharks and rays. DiveSail Travel is one of the only rare operators to organize boat trips to this little paradise. On board of a splendid and comfortable catamaran, fully equipped for scuba diving and fishing or a high speed boat to drop you there and stay in a house. the atoll of St Brandon is yours!

When to go?

The best time of year to go to visit the atoll is between September to May. Warm sea and flat conditions whit the small risk of a cyclone.