Floating in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is a stunning island with pristine beaches and lagoons shared between varieties of cultures.

Mauritius is a melting pot country influences by Hindus, Catholics, Muslim and Chinese cultures living in peace and harmony. The island conserves a culture of happiness, Mauritian people are always smiling and welcoming.

Influenced by different cultures the food is exceptionally good and diverse. The differences in cultures are reflected in the architecture, mosques, Hindu temples and cathedrals can be visited.

Some of the celebrations are not to miss as Diwali (Hindu festival of light), the Chinese New Year with its dragon dance...

Mauritius is the country of thousands colours which offers to travellers the possibility of experiencing different culture and experiment new sensations as scuba diving, swimming with dolphins or sailing in a unique lagoon on a pirogue (traditional boat).

Creole is the traditional language, otherwise the country is mostly French speaking and English is the official and administrative language.

Mauritius is a wonderful verdant island which offers awesome attractions as horse riding, canyonning, hiking, hunting, quad biking, sky diving...

Surrounded by turquoise blue lagoon and white sandy beaches, Mauritius offers a surprising variety of scuba diving opportunity. From shallow or deep to calm or drift dive, the Mauritian underwater world offers a beautiful and interesting variety of flora and fauna.

The island offers a huge range of quality accommodation and numbers of touristic facilities.

When to go?

Mauritius is a year-round destination. Between April to October the weather is warm and dry, the temperature generally varies between 25C to 30C.

From November to March, the summer months, tropical weather may cause occasional rain and it is known as cyclone season.

Scuba diving is all year-round practicable with a water temperature which can vary from 21C in winter (minimum) to 27C in summer.